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Ghulam Abbas
Ghulam Abbas

My name is Ghulam Abbas. I’m a Blogger with 2 years of experience. I started blogging in 2020 through blogger, a Google platform.

My first website name was KutabLab.com. In 2020, I was a student, so I created a KutaLab site to share Matric and Inter books for free with students.

But I can’t become successful and leave it after one year of hard work.

After that, I decided to learn more about blogging and website development.

I spent one year and did a lot of research. After this research, I decided to create myadvise.net.

Why MyAdivse.net Started

As I say, In my career starting. I face many problems and do not find a proper guide for myself. When I completed my course, I decided to create this platform for new users who want to start an online journey and generate some revenue.

I visited many websites related to my topic, but I wouldn’t say I liked these sites. The reason is long articles with irrelevant information. The new user can’t understand and is confused.

After seeing these types of sites, I decided to create a platform where I provide only quality content to the point. So new users understand easily and enjoy their blogging journey.

Here I share my two years of blogging experience and easy methods and tips to become a successful blogger. I hope you support us and promote our content to new bloggers. So they get help and become successful.

Thanks for your love and Support – Ghulam Abbas