9 Blog Niche Ideas for Blogging that will Make Money

9 Profitable Niche ideas for Bloggers in 2022

Are you looking for a blog niche that will generate revenue for you in the future?

Choosing the right niche for blogging makes it easier to create engaging content for users. Selection of the right niche grows your blog fast and generates revenue.

In this article, we will discuss the top 9 most profitable niches for blogging, including micro niches.

9 Profitable Niche ideas for Bloggers in 2022
9 Profitable Niche ideas for Bloggers in 2022

What is a Blog Niche?

A blog niche is a specialized topic that you will be focussing on when you write content about it. Blogging niches allow you to create content that is relevant to your audience.

Writing content about a specialized blogging niche helps you to rank faster on Google and engage your audience to read your content regularly.

If you’re decided to start a blog, then take a look at all these nine blog niches and pick one of them according to your interest and choice.

I’ll suggest you pick a niche according to your interest. If you select a niche, you are interested. You will create engaging content and grow fast.

If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to choose the right blogging niche, read our detailed guide by visiting How to choose the right niche for a blog?

1. Business

Making their online Business successful every person needs these days. Many people search about business startups and find helping guides to make these startups successful.

Business Blog Niche
Business Blog Niche

So creating a blog related to Business is a good decision if you have some knowledge or experience about it. In this topic, competition is very high so choose a specified micro niche topic that helps you grow fast. Here are some micro niches related to Business.


Building a Startup




2. Marketing

Technically, Marketing is a part of Business. Businesses use marketing strategies to promote their Business and increase their product sales through different marketing strategies.

Marketing Blog Niche
Marketing Blog Niche

Some micro niches are related to marketing. A marketing blog is different to a Business blog. In this blog, you can earn money by monetization and affiliate product links. Here are some most profitable blogging niches ideas for you.

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3. Design and Development

Having a website with outstanding design is essential in today’s world. Many peoples want to create their online presence through online stores and apps. So they can promote their products and sell them online.

Design and Development Blog Niche
Design and Development Blog Niche

It’s no wonder that they need help designing and developing their online web, app or eCommerce store. In this blog niche, you can earn money by selling your web services, monetization, and website referral links.

Creating a blog where you guide these people in building their business site is a type of blog that makes money. Here is the list of these niches.

Web design

UI/UX design

E Commerce

Web development

App development

4. Technology and Gaming

Technology is becoming our part of life. In routine, a lot of updates you get about technology. This type of blogging niche idea engages a lot of people. These days, everyone is interested in knowing about the changes in our lives through technology.

Technology Blog Niche
Technology Blog Niche

On the other side, Games are well-loved pastimes that never get old. A lot of people love to play games in their free time. From board games to video games, most platforms have strong fan-based.

That means a lot of people want information related to these games. So creating a blog in Technology or Gaming is a profitable blogging niche. Here are some micro niches listed.

Game reviews

Software reviews

Gaming tips, tutorials

Artificial Intelligence

Apple and Android products

5. Education

If you have any skill creating an Educational blog is one of the best methods. Most peoples these days learn skills online instead of going to institutes.

Education Blog Niche
Education Blog Niche

Suppose you have any skills or solutions for people’s problems in their fields. Then creating a blog and writing a helping content for them is fantastic. Peoples love to read these types of articles.

Here you earn money by monetization, selling your courses, and giving paid tuition online to visitors that love your content. Also, try to sell your courses on Udemy. You can create this type of content in an education blog.

Study hacks

Online courses

Language learning

Peoples Problems Solution

6. Travel

Travel is the most popular blogging niche. A lot of people love to read about travelling. That’s why you find a lot of blogs related to travelling. In travelling, a lot of different types of approaches you could take of them and make a successful blog.

Traveling Blog Niche
Traveling Blog Niche

Instead of writing many lines, you need to focus on attractive images and graphics in the most profitable blogging niches. Peoples want to see the places they want to visit, so attract them with pictures and graphics related to content.

In a travel blog, you can earn money by selling online tickets, taking some revenue from hotels and monetization. Here are tips to get an idea for a travel blog niche that makes money.

Specific Country or Location

Local travel tips

Travel deals, hacks

Your own travel Stories

7. Food and Drink

Suppose you’re a housewife or a person who loves to taste new dishes. Then creating a Food blog in your interest is impressive. You can share your experience with dishes on your blog.

Food and Drink Blog Niche
Food and Drink Blog Niche

Many people try to learn some new delicious dishes from the internet. So, if you guide these types of people by sharing your expertise in dish tutorials, you generate an audience that visits your blog regularly and gives you some revenue.

In this type of blogging niche, you can generate revenue by monetization, and affiliate links. If you target a specific niche in the food and drink, it’s easy to make them successful here are some ideas for the blogging niches.

Restaurant and bar reviews


Baking and cooking tips

Vegan recipes

Dieting tips

Healthy eating

8. Beauty and Fashion

Fashion is another most popular blog niche on the internet. In this niche, content is regularly updated like new fashion trends come and beauty products. People want to learn about these trends and updates.

Fashion and Beauty Blog Niche
Fashion and Beauty Blog Niche

Most people associate fashion blogs with females, but it’s not true. You can create a blog about fashion and beauty for men. Here you suggest products and tips for these men.

Earn revenue in this blog niche by selling beauty products online, fashion design promotions, affiliate links and monetization. Here is a list of niches in fashion and beauty to get some idea.

Product reviews

Skincare tips

Fashion trends

Affordable beauty DIY

9. News

News is a hugely popular blogging niche. Many people love to read daily updates according to their interests. In this niche no limit for content ideas due to regular updates.

News Blog Niche
News Blog Niche

In this money-making niche, competition is very high. A lot of authority websites are already available that rank high. In this niche, you earn money by monetization and paid promotion.

So creating a micro-niche blog will become successful. Pick one of them from the list and try it.

Local News



International Relations



After reading this article, you have the option to pick a blog niche according to your interest. I explain the nine most popular topics with some lines. After selecting one, create a blog and generate some revenue quickly.

I’m not explaining each blogging niche in detail. This guide only gives you some idea, not teaching you a specified niche. After picking your niche, do some research and then create a blog. If you love our content, share your experience in the comment section and share it with friends.

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