Blogger vs WordPress Which is better?

WordPress vs Blogger Which one is best

Not sure Which one is best for blogging. WordPress vs Blogger

WordPress and Blogger are the two most popular blogging platforms on the internet. Often, beginners are confused about choosing which one is the best WordPress blogger.

So here is your problem solution. Let’s discuss both platforms.

WordPress vs Blogger Which one is best
WordPress vs Blogger Which one is best

Let’s dive into it. In starting, we’ll discuss blogging on Google Blogger and blogging with WordPress. After that, we’ll compare both platforms with their pros and cons.

Blogger – Easy way to create a Blog

Google Blogger has been a Google-based company since 2003. It is the second most popular blogging platform with a simple design.

Google Blogger provides the ability to create 100 blogs on Blogspot for free. Due to its simple design, a beginner quickly understands and uses it. You can easily create a blog without any hosting platform or custom domain on Blogger.

Google blogger will provide hosting with a free subdomain, including at the end of your blog name, like

To start your blogging journey on Google blogger, you need a Google account. You create your first blog by going to and then sign in using a Google account, fill in the details, and your new blog is ready. In Blogger, you also use your custom domain like

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WordPress – Create a website with unlimited features

WordPress has been a free open source Content Management System (CMS) since 2003. You can use WordPress to create websites or blogs with exclusive features. Download WordPress for free and use it on as many sites as possible.

Creating a WordPress blog is relatively more complicated than creating a Blogspot blog. WordPress blog requires a web hosting plan and a domain name.

After purchasing a domain name and hosting plan, you need to set up your blog from scratch. That’s why you have complete access to your site database and its customization.

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I hope you’re enjoying our discussion. Now we’ll discuss a comparison between Blogger and WordPress. Provided content is completely experienced-based. For any questions or doubts, ask in the comment section.

WordPress Vs Blogger – Pros and Cons

Now it’s time to discuss both platform’s pros and cons. When the discussion is completed, I hope you choose a better platform for your new blog. Let get start

Blogger Vs WordPress – Pros and Cons
Blogger Vs WordPress – Pros and Cons

Google Blogger Pros

  • Easy to create a Blog on Blogger in a few steps
  • Beginners easily understand it
  • Blogger is free; you can’t pay for hosting and SSL
  • 100% secure with fast speed because Google owns it
  • Support all monetization platforms to run ads

Blogger Cons

  • Bloggers come with some basic and limited features users can’t extend it
  • If you violate Google Policy, your blog will be suspended and removed
  • You can’t access the server-side of your blog
  • Blogger will provide limited customizations
  • Only used to create a simple blog

WordPress Pros

  • WordPress provides unlimited, customizable features.
  • You have complete access to the server-side and blog database
  • No one removes or deletes your blog without your permission
  • With unlimited plugins and themes, users increase their website functionality easily
  • For advanced users, it is simple to add custom code for more complex features
  • Easy to create a website with more functions, eCommerce stores, and tools websites

WordPress Cons

  • To Install WordPress, you need web hosting and a domain name
  • You will be responsible for your site security
  • Required some experience in setup and installing WordPress

Conclusion: Blogger vs WordPress – Which One Is Better?

It isn’t easy to choose which one is the best blogging platform to start blogging(WordPress or Blogger). However, WordPress and Blogger are both are two most popular platforms worldwide. But after my experience, I will share a table where you realize which platform is better for you.

When to use BLogger?

 Use blogger if you’re a beginner and want a simple blog without paying any cost.

On Blogger, you have limited features, but these are enough if you want a simple blog for a specific topic like food, phones, PC, etc.

Google Blogger also provides an option to run Adsense ads to generate some revenue. So for beginners with zero knowledge, Blogger is the best choice ever.

When to use WordPress?

WordPress is the best option when you want a site with extra features for your brand or Bussines. WordPress provides a lot of features that increase the functionality of your site. Using WordPress plugins, you add any features to your site quickly.

WordPress is the best choice for creating an eCommerce store, tools website, or website with extra functions. You have complete access to your site using WordPress.

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