Do you want to create a blog using a blogger to start your blogging journey for online income?

Suppose you’re a beginner and have no money to pay for creating your blog. Don’t worry here. We’ll discuss how to create a free blog using blogger.

Creating a blog these days is not difficult. On the internet, a lot of blog posts are available. But today, we will create a blog for free without any Web hosting and domain name.

Don’t worry your blog will be monetized if you work hard and follow google policies. Let’s dive into the process of creating a blog for free.

How to create a Blogger blog for free?
How to create a Blogger blog for free?

What is Blogger?

Blogger has been a free blogging platform by Google since 2003. It is the second most popular platform for creating and publishing blogs. Google blogger is not required to buy a hosting plan to use it.

Google will provide free hosting with a subdomain at zero cost if you want to use your custom domain, then also an option available in blogger.

Using a blogger, you can create up to 100 blogs for free. Blogger is the best choice if you have no money and are a beginner. Creating a blog on blogger does not require any expertise.

Google will not run ads on your blog as other sites run if you use the free version. Blogger also supports Adsense. If you meet Adsense requirements, there is a high chance of getting Adsense approval and earning some money by running ads on your blog.

How to create a Blog for free?

A Google account is required before creating an account on a blogger. If you don’t have a secure Google account, read this guide. How to create a Google Account?

Let’s discuss the process of creating a blog with a blogger. Follow these steps now.

  1. Goto

Now you see a simple interface like this shown in the image. Click on Create Your Blog button, and you see a screen. I will show all three screens in one shot, but these screens will show one by one.

How to create a Blog on Blogger - Blogger homepage
How to create a Blog on Blogger – Blogger homepage

2. Now enter your website title like my site title My Advise

3. Enter your blog URL

Remember the name you enter in the second step. It will be your blog URL to access your site, like my site URL is Google will provide a free URL for your blog, including But if you have a custom domain, don’t worry; you can use it later.

4. Enter your name or the website owner’s name

5. Click on the finish icon. Congrats, your blog is created successfully.

How to create a Blog on Blogger - Blog Setup Guide
How to create a Blog on Blogger – Blog Setup Guide

As you see, creating a blog using google blogger is very easy. Anyone with zero expertise can build it quickly. Now I’m explaining the Blogger dashboard so you can use it easily.

Blogger Dashboard Explained

When a blog is created successfully, you see a dashboard like this. I will explain the dashboard so you can understand it and not be confused about it.

As you see in the attached image, I give a number to each tab and show a guide about all tabs one by one.

How to create a Blog on Blogger - Blog Dashboard Guide
How to create a Blog on Blogger – Blog Dashboard Guide
  1. Posts: In this tab, you see all posts you publish on your blog, including drafted posts.
  2. Stats: Here, you get complete views of your blog, including the viewer’s country, location, gender, age, device, post views, ranked keywords, daily, weekly and monthly reports, etc.
  3. Comments: All recent statements by the user on your posts will show here.
  4. Earnings: You get all your earning details here if you get Adsense approval and show ads on your blog.
  5. Pages: All pages you create will be shown here, like about us, contact us, privacy policy, etc.
  6. Layout: All blog settings, widgets, and post settings show here. All themes have their layouts according to theme features. Ycustomizestomize it, but the layout will be changed when you change your blog theme.
  7. Theme: Here, you can change your blog theme, meaning a blog design that shows to visitors. The blog provides free basic themes, but you can also use your custom theme designed by developers or downloaded by other sites.
  8. Setting: All blog settings, including SEO settings and other basic settings about the blog shown here.
  9. Reading List: All recent updates and news by Google Blogger company are shown here.
  10. View Blog: By clicking on this link, you can visit your blog.

Blogger Basic Setting

Here I am only showing you a blogger’s basic SEO settings. Click on the setting tab on the blogger dashboard. Now you see a screen like this.

How to create a Blog on Blogger - Bloger basic setting
How to create a Blog on Blogger – Blogger basic setting

In Title, you can change your site Name.

In the Description section, adds 150 words that explain your blog. The Description is shown to visitors when they search your site on Google or other search engines.

Change it from the blog language option if your blog is in another language like Urdu or Hindi.

If you’re publishing content for children, turn on Adult content options. Show warning to blog readers and Require age confirmation.

Add your favicon image size 100 x 100 by clicking on the favicon option. This image will appear in the tab with the blog name.

Blogger SEO Setting

In this section, you see basic SEO settings for your blog that help Google search engine index your site in google and show to your visitors to get traffic to your blog.

How to create a Blog on Blogger - bloger seo setting
How to create a Blog on Blogger – blogger SEO setting

Enable custom robots.txt and add this code to your site by clicking on the Custom robots.txt button.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Before adding this code, change with your site name like and add this. Now Enable the custom robots header tags option.

After enabling this, click on all their tabs one by one home page, archive, search, post, and page buttons. When you click, you see the same screen for all like this. Select the option for these tabs as I explain:

  • Home page tags: all, noodp
  • Archive and Search page tags: no-index, noodp
  • Post and Page tags: all, noodp
How to create a Blog on Blogger - blog seo rebots setting
How to create a Blog on Blogger – blog SEO reboots.txt setting


This article explains a guide for beginners who want to create a blog for free. This guide help peoples to start their blogging journey without any investment. I will also explain the basic SEO setting for blogs.

I hope you enjoy our content about creating a free blog on blogger. If you enjoy reading it, give your feedback in the comment section and share it with your friends.

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