Picking a Domain name is the same as picking your baby’s name. So, how to choose the right domain for your brand? Let’s discuss

Choosing a good domain name is one of the essential steps for establishing your brand or business as a website owner. Wrong selection negatively impacts your brand reputation, and it can be an irritating process to switch later.

I hope you realize, How essential to pick a good domain. So here are some tips for choosing a domain that reflects your brand and creates a unique brand identity.

9 tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain Name
Nine tips for Choosing the Perfect Domain

If you think it’s hard to find a good one or domain research is an irritating process. Then here, we’ll discuss some most important rules for finding and purchasing a good domain name.

I divide this process into nine steps with a brief explanation. At the end of this post, I hope you find the best one for your brand. Let’s discuss the process.

1. Stick with (.com, .net, .org) Extensions

A lot of popular top-level domain(TLD) extensions are available. But .com is still the best.

After your site name, a domain extension is the last part of your site URL. According to Domain Name Stat, the “.com” extension is used by 37% of domains.

Most peoples not remember other extension like .tk, .photography and .blog. They type .com with your site name, and you lose traffic. Big companies also use .com like google.com, youtube.com, amazon.com, etc.

So, going with .com is the best choice if it’s available. If .com not available then try out to find .net or .org. Those are also the most popular ones.

In my case, I’m also using the .net extension because .com is more expensive, and I can’t afford it. If you were not finding your domain in these extensions, brainstorm your domain again and find a new one.

2. Use targeted keywords

Using your targeted keyword in your domain name plays an important role. Search Engines easily understand what you provide on your website through your keyword.

The use of keyword improve ranking and help you to stand out. It also engages the user and leaves a good impact.

I know it’s hard to find an exact matched keyword domain name that no one takes. So use a pair of combinations to find the best one or use relevant keywords.

3. Keep it Short

When it comes to the length of your domain, short is better than long.

Keywords are essential in the domain but don’t exceed the length. Short domains are easy to remember and faster to type. Most time, users make typing errors with longer domains, which leads to loss of traffic.

Keep your domain from 6 to 12 characters. According to research, the most common domain name length is 12 characters. So, keep it shorter and unique.

In our case – myadvise.net is eight characters and easy to remember.

4. Easy to Pronounce & Spell

If you want your domain to become famous and people to remember it for a long time. Then choose a domain that is easy to type and write.

Unkown or complicated words are hard to remember and type for users, which leads to loss of traffic. When it becomes easier to type and pronounce for the users, people share it with others, generating more traffic.

5. Make sure it’s Brandable & Unique

A unique, brandable domain name helps you stand out in readers’ minds and gain recognition and popularity.

If you were copying others or picking a trademark domain means wasting your time to make your brand successful. Do some research and get ideas from your competitor’s sites.

Note: No one competes with you if you make your own brand. But if you follow and copy others, you are always in competition, sometimes you beat, and sometimes you are beaten by others. So, choose a unique and brandable.

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6. Avoid Hyphens & Double Letters

Keep in mind your domain should be easy to type. The use of hyphens makes it difficult to type for the user. If you use a competitor domain and add hyphens for your own use, you send your traffic to your competitor’s site in case of misspelling.

It is also challenging to remember the hyphen domain. Like I’m using myadvise, But it’s become difficult for users to type and remember for the future if I use my-advise. The use of hyphens also indicates spam.

Also, avoid double letters because it is hard to read and even type correctly. If the user misspelt it, you lost traffic. Like presssteup.com, it isn’t easy to read and type.

7. Misspelling or Funny spelling

The use of misspellings seems specious. Hard to remember and loss of traffic. It also negatively impacts users because the user thinks it’s a malware site.

Funnysspelling is words that are spelt in different ways like “too”, “for”, etc. These make domain hard to pronounce to some other person. Like you speak codeforweb, and other people think code4web.

8. Plan for long term

Choosing a domain name related to your niche or business is good for ranking and helps the user quickly understand. But choosing an even more specified name is not best for the long term.

I create the myadvise.net website to help people who want to start blogging. I buy myadivse.net instead of buying bloghlep or help4bloggers.

I want to grow it in the future and add more topics like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, etc. So, think for the long term, not for the short term.

A decision to change domain name in future. It will lose traffic, brand, money, time, SEO rankings, and loyal audience. In short a painful process. 9 Blog Niche Ideas For Blogging

9. Get ideas From Domain Generators

Till now, around about 367 Million plus domain names have been registered. Your selected domain may have already been taken by someone else.

So, getting some relevant ideas is better than doing research again. Here Domain generators tools help you to do this work easily. A lot of tools are available. Try anyone but in my case, try this one fastdomainer.com.

Note: These domain tools also suggest your domain, including hyphens and other TLD extensions like .biz, .xyz etc., avoid these domains. Only choose a domain by following our Eight explained tips.


Your domain name is your site’s first impression. If you engage the user in the first impression, you get traffic. So here in this article, you will find my eight helpful guides about choosing a perfect domain for your blog or business.

I will explain all the essential points. Follow these points and get a brandable domain for your site. I hope you find a suitable one after these tips.

If you find then share it with others through the comment section. So, peoples get inspiration, and you get a backlink for your site.

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