Here’s the list of 9 crazy facts about blogging that might surprise you. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, read this article.

Blogging means writing down your thoughts and sharing individual opinions with the world is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

So, it’s important to look at crazy blogging facts to see where the industry is today.

9 Crazy Facts about Blogging You Shouldn’t Ignore
List of Crazy Facts about Blogging You Shouldn’t Ignore

That’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this article. I will share some crazy facts that help you grow fast and make good decisions at the start of blogging. Let’s dive into the list.

1. Facts about Blog Earning

Most bloggers create a blog to earn money online through different platforms. But only a few of them work consistently and become successful.

You’ll be shocked by hearing how much bloggers earn from their blogs, so here’s we create a small list for you.

  • Only 2% of bloggers earn more than 150K US dollars in a year
  • 81% of bloggers failed to earn 100$ from blogging
  • 17% of bloggers sustain their lifestyle and family through blogging

2. Facts about Blog Content

Content on your blog is key to success. People only come to your blog if you provide quality content or solutions to their problems.

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Creating a blog is easy, but publishing content that engages users is difficult. Here I am sharing a list of facts related to blogging content.

  • 350 Blog posts published during your reading
  • Longers posts get more traffic and generate leads
  • 6.7 Million blogs are published through blogging sites
  • 21 plus posts increase 30% traffic to your blog
  • Articles with images get 90% more views
  • only 1/5th of bloggers posts longer than 750 plus words

3. Facts about Social Media in Blogging

In begging most bloggers use social media to get some visitors to their sites. Some people use social media platforms to create and publish their blogs for free.

Here are some interesting facts that help you to take some benefits from social media if you’re a blogger. Let’s discuss them.

  • Bloggers use social media to promote their blogs
  • On average, every blogger uses 5 social media sites at least
  • 12 Million people blog through social media networks

4. Facts about Blogging

Now it’s time for facts that you need to know if you’re a blogger. Here you get a list of points that amazed you and increased your interest in blogging. Let’s dive into it.

  • Post on 1 position in Google gets 33% of traffic in results
  • Websites with blogs get 55% more traffic
  • More than 1.52 Billion pages are available on the internet
  • Companies use blogs to market their brand
  • 60% plus blogs in English
  • 53% of blog traffic is organic

5. Facts about Blog Owners

Many bloggers work at different times according to their knowledge and experience, but here we share the overall blogger’s routines and experiences about their blogging journey.

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In short, what do bloggers do on average?

  • Professional bloggers have 4 blogs on average
  • 15% of intermediate bloggers spend 10 hours on their blogs
  • 20% of bloggers update their blogs daily
  • 80% of internet users read blog posts daily
  • Professional bloggers spend 6 hours on one blog post.


Suppose you’re a blogger or interested in blogging, these crazy facts about blogging increase your interest in blogging. Also, give you ideas on how to do blogging and manage your blogs.

Shared facts in these posts related to blogging were collected from different blogs and surveys. I wrote these facts in an easy format, so everyone easily understands and gets information from them.

The content idea was taken from Interesting Facts About Blogging.

I hope you enjoy our content. If you enjoy it, share it with your blogger’s friends and appreciate our hard in the comment section through your feedback.

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