Want to Increase Website Traffic? 9 Proven Strategies

Increase Website Traffic by Following My 9 Strategies

Are you interested to increase your website traffic as a beginner for growing your Business?

I know every beginner faces this low-traffic situation. A new website takes time to rank on Google(at least it takes six months or more), and ranking also depends on your content quality and other factors.

So, here the trouble comes how to Increase new website traffic. Today we’ll discuss my nine proven strategies that will help you get some traffic to your new site.

Increase Website Traffic by Following My 9 Strategies
Increase Website Traffic by Following My 9 Strategies

Here I will show you nine different methods with brief details. Five processes are free of cost, and four depend on your investment.

Before starting, always remember your priority is quality and unique content. If you create irrelevant content that does not engage the audience, you can’t get traffic to your site anymore.

So try to provide value to the user, not thousands of words that upset them. First, we discuss free methods, and finally, we discuss paid ones. So let’s discuss these strategies one by one.

1. Share on Social Media

A lot of people use different social media platforms. So engage these users with your content and excellent attractive graphics. Then asking them to visit your site is a fantastic technique that grows your site fast.

Share on Social Media to Increase Website Traffic
Share on Social Media to Increase Website Traffic

Never make the same misstep other peoples make. The mistake is sharing only your post URL without giving some value to the user. Try to write fantastic, attractive lines that relate to your post with an engaging image.

After that, add your site link. This strategy works better than sharing a simple link. Also, create your social media page and groups and link them with your site to share all platform’s audiences.

This free strategy takes time, but providing quality content gives results faster than others. Bonus line: Try to ask your social media friends to visit your site.

2. Write Guest Posts

Writing a Guest post for someone else blog is a great way to increase site traffic. The audience you get by guest posts is loyal and valuable because you drive these people from other blogs related to your niche.

Find blogs that offer guest posts and relate to your blog niche. After finding them write an attractive post of 500+ words with beautiful images. In this post, add your post link where you want traffic.

Writing guest posts gives you quality backlinks that increase your site’s trust, and Google ranks your site faster. Also, a guest post gives a genuine and loyal audience that becomes your regular visitors if they like your content and engage with it.

Note: Some sites ask you to pay money for a guest post. So all websites are not providing these features for free.

3. Join Community Forums

Forums are an underrated traffic source. But the truth is you get quality traffic if you become an active and respected forum member. A famous example of forums is Quora.

Becoming a regular forum user creates a funnel that brings this audience back to your site. In starting, never try to ask people to visit your site. First, provide some value to users by answering their questions and sharing quality content.

Fourms Viral Content grows website fast
Forums Viral Content grows websites fast.

Do this for two or three weeks, then share your post link. But never share links directly, give links in question answers, or add to post content. The best forum is Quora, which works for me.

4. Email Newsletter

People forget about your site, so sending Emails and inviting them to revisit your site also helps you to increase website traffic.

For this, you need some Emails where you send an attractive email with your site link. Collect emails by adding Subscribe us widget or popup on your site, so people add their Emails.

Get an email list from other sites or buy it as a beginner. Add a catchy subject line from the post and a few lines in the body from your pst lines that engage the user, then add your post link as Readmore. That work perfectly for you.

If you use online tools to automate your work, it requires some investment, depending on the tool’s pricing and demands.

5. Focus on Viral Content

Writing about trending content increases traffic spikes if you write about the topic immediately. Because peoples search a lot about new viral content, Google ranks it faster.

There are a lot of possible chances for your site ranking if you provide quality content. For example, A company launches a new product, writes about them, or Google adds new features to their Search Engine and goes on.

So, always hunt for trending topics related to your niche if you leave everything and write a superb, engaging article as soon as possible. After that, you can’t believe your website traffic how grows fast.

Five free methods we discuss now its time for paid.

6. Backlinks

Exchanging backlinks with Authority sites increases your website Domain and Page Authority which helps your site to rank faster on Google and get organic traffic.

Backlinks and Paid Advertising get more site traffic fast
Backlinks and Paid Advertising get more site traffic Fast

Getting a link from someone else traffic is a challenging process. Some sites take money to refer to your site in their post. But here, you get backlinks by following these free methods.

  • Guest Posting (As we discuss first)
  • By Commenting on other’s posts
  • Profile Backlinks (Creating a profile on site and adding site link in bio)
  • Answering Question (Quora)

These are free methods. But if you don’t like to create backlinks and then purchase them. But never buy backlinks in quantity purchase in quality. Otherwise, Google will put your site on the spam list, and your site dead.

7. Advertising

If you want instant results, advertising is one of the best options. Running ads on platforms like Google, Youtube, and Facebook gives you instant traffic.

Always target an audience interested in your niche and research it, giving better results. Everyone is not interested in every blog niche, so audience research is the best way to engage users to click and visit your site.

8. Conduct Giveaways

People want instant lotteries, and giveaways are one of them. Try this strategy to engage the audience and force them to revisit your site repeatedly.

Free Tools and Giveaways help to get more site traffic
Free Tools and Giveaways help to get more site traffic

Conducting a giveaway on your site for users allows you to get user information, build an email list and ask them to share with friends. When they share it, also new users take an interest and visit your site.

Also, tell people when you will announce the results of the giveaway. If you do that, people wait for this date and visit your site to check whether they lose or win.

9. Add Helpful tools

if you added some free tools for visitors to help grow your new website fast and increase traffic in days. Add tools related to your niche like keyword research tools, tags generator, etc.

A question in your mind is how to create it. Don’t be upset. Buy an already written script from another site like Envato and add them to your website.


By reading this, You learn nine strategies to gain website traffic. Some strategies are paid, and some are free. Try them according to your budget and need.

These methods give instant results not in days but two to three weeks. Some paid plans work fast and provide instant results like Advertising. If you enjoy it, leave your feedback in the comment section.

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