How to build a website with WordPress

How to build a website with WordPress

Are you finding a guide that helps you create a website with WordPress?

These days building a website is not difficult. There are many different types of platforms available that provide the ability to create a website.

But today, we learn how to create a website with WordPress. I divide this article into five different parts.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about installing WordPress on your web hosting account.

How to make a dynamic website using WordPress
How to build a website with WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress has been a free open source Content Management System (CMS) since 2003. You can use WordPress to create a website with exclusive features provided by WordPress.

According to a 2021 survey, 40% of websites are created using WordPress.

WordPress is completely free. But to install and run WordPress, you need a web hosting plan with a domain name to create a website with WordPress.

WordPress provides two different platforms, but today we’ll use If you don’t know about these platforms, read our detailed guide WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org.

1. Setup a Domain with Hosting

Setting up a domain name and choosing the best hosting provider is the first step in creating a WordPress website. You need a hosting plan to host your website and a unique domain name to access your website.

Before we discuss setting up a domain name and hosting, let’s discuss the difference between a hosting provider and a domain name.

What is Domain Name and Hosting?

What is a domain name?

A domain name is your website home dress, and it will be unique. User access your website using this domain name. It looks like this

What is Hosting?

The hosting provider provides you with an online space according to your hosting plan where you save your website files. Your files, including website themes, plugins, posts, and media content, will be stored in this provided space.

Your website will not be installed without hosting, which means no one can access your website. A lot of hosting providers are available in the market. They all provide hosting plans with a domain name and other features.

If you have no money and want to create a free website, read this guide How to create a free website?

But today, we talk about Hostinger. I am also using Hostinger because it is easy to understand and offers extra features at a low price. Here is a demo pic of Hostinger.

Hostinger Dashboard
Hostinger Dashboard

Let’s discuss purchasing a hosting plan for your WordPress website. I am using hostinger, but you can use anyone that you want.

To buy a hosting plan, go to Now select a hosting plan according to your budget. When you choose your hosting plan, it will ask you to create an account and enter your payment details.

Create an hostinger account, fill in the payment details, and complete the process. Also, enter a coupon code. If you use a coupon code, you will get an extra discount.

When you successfully purchased a web hosting plan, you see a hostinger dashboard like this.

Hostinger Dashboard
Hostinger Dashboard

2. Installing WordPress

Go to your hosting provider dashboard when you successfully purchase your hosting plan. After opening the dashboard, follow the process as you see in the gif. In my case, I’m using hostinger.

Guide to install WordPress
Guide to installing WordPress

A new pop will appear like this. Here it will ask you about your website title, Administrator email (Admin Email), Administrator username (Owner Name), and Administrator Password (Password to login). Fill in these details and click on next.

Website Details Install WordPress
Website Details to Install WordPress

Note: Remember Administrator Username and Password because when you log in to your WordPress dashboard, it will ask for your Username and password, then type the same password and Username you write here.

After clicking on next, it will ask you about your WordPress dashboard language, Application version, and update schedule.

Don’t worry; leave it the same if you did not know about it, click on Install and boom, you complete the website building WordPress process, and your site is now ready.

Requirements to Install WordPress
Requirements to Install WordPress

3. Installing WordPress Theme

To make your website user and SEO friendly, you need to add a custom theme with extra features. So it will increase your website speed and improve your SEO.

The website theme is the uniform of your website. I will show you the process of uploading or installing new themes from WordPress themes stores. Let’s start

Click on the Appearance button in the WordPress dashboard, then click on the Themes option button. After clicking, you see a dashboard like this, as you see in the attached image.

How Install new theme WordPress
How to Install a new theme

In this section, all installed themes on your WordPress website, including your active theme, will be shown here. To add a new theme, click on the Add New button.

Here in the newly appeared section, you see a lot of WordPress themes. Select a theme according to your blog topic. In my case, I’m using the OceanWP theme.

When you install your theme successfully, then click on activate button to activate the theme. Visite your website, and your website design will be changed successfully.

Do changes in the theme according to your requirement from the theme customization section.

4. Installing WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugins use to increase the functionality of your WordPress website. A lot of plugins are available on the WordPress plugin store.

Users can use these plugins according to their requirements. Each plugin has its specific functionalities.

Adding a plugin to a WordPress website works as same as installing a theme. Go to the Plugins section and select Add New option. Now search for plugins according to need or upload them from your pc.

How Install new Plugin WordPress
How to Install a new Plugin

When you find your plugin click on Install Now button. After installing the plugin, click on the activate button to get the desired plugin functions to your site.

When the plugin is activated, a button is added to your WordPress dashboard. In my case, I’m using the Yoast SEO Plugin. See the button for Yoast SEO in the upper attached image SEO.

I suggest you use fewer plugins. Maximum 15 are best. If you add many plugins, it will slow down your website speed.

Slow speed irritates the users and effect Search Engines. Never use bloatware plugins and themes because they will break down your site.

5. Add Posts and Pages

Post is an essential part of a website. A website owner writes a post and targets a specific keyword.

After ranking the targeted keyword, you get traffic to your website and make some money because you can get visitors to your website through these posts.

How add new post in WordPress
How to add new posts on a website

Let’s talk about how to add a new post to your website.

Click on the Posts button and select Add New option. After choosing the option, a new dashboard opens, as you see in the image. Here, you write your post content, add photos, and do other things. I will explain all settings shortly.

WordPress Post and Page Dashboard Explain
WordPress Post and Page Dashboard Explain

Top Left Side:

“+” This icon adds functions to posts like lists, images, etc. A pencil icon work to select and edit a specific post section. Arrows Icons used to Undo and Redo setting.

Next information icon display all details about your post, like word count, headings, and paragraphs. Bar icon shows post content details in a single list, including titles, images, and content section.

Top Right Side:

Save draft use to save your post as a draft. Drafted post on your website not shown to website visitors. The preview option is to take a preview of your post to check whether it looks good. Publish button will publish your post to your visitors.

The setting icon to show and hide menus, as you see in the attached image. Three dots icon use to view more options, including copying content, code editor mode, screen control, etc.

Type your post title and content according to provided guide in the image. For title, replace with your post title here, and for content, replace with here is your post content.

  1. Status & Visibility: Use to change post-Author, format, visibility, and publish date.
  2. Yoast SEO: This setting shows after adding the Yoast SEO plugin. It will help to improve your post SEO.
  3. Permalink: Change your post URL from here.
  4. Categories: Use to add categories in your post. Always add post-related categories to help your visitors.
  5. Tags: Here, you can add tags to your post.
  6. Featured Image: Add a featured image to your post that shows in search results and the user who shares your post on social media. The main image of your post.
  7. Excerpt: In simple words, the excerpt is a post description that appears in search results.
  8. Discussion: Use to change setting Allow Comments or disallow and pingback setting.


In this article, we discuss building a website with WordPress from scratch. I will explain all the steps you need to know about creating a new website. I discuss all the processes in 5 easy steps guide.

After reading, you can easily create and customize your website. If you like our detailed guide or have any questions show your response in the comment section and share this information with other friends.

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