WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Which Is Better?

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org - Which Is Better

If you think WordPress.com vs WordPress.org are the same platforms, you’re wrong.

New users are always confused about WordPress com vs wordpress.org. They don’t know both are different platforms with their pros and cons. Here now, we discuss the key difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com.

Also, help choose which is best, wordpress.com or wordpress.org, for your website.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org - Which Is Better
WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Which Is Better

WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) based system powering 43.3% of all the websites on the internet. WordPress is used to create and host websites on the internet.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Comparison

Both platforms work similarly, but the key difference is where you host your website.

Let’s compare both platforms, wordpress.org vs wordpress.com, individually. So new users can understand easily and choose the best platform for their websites.


WordPress.org is open-source software, and anyone can use it at zero cost. You need a hosting plan with a domain name to install it. That’s why this is also called self-hosted WordPress.

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of WordPress.org

WordPress.org Pros

Using wordpress.org, you have complete access to your website. You can customize your website as it as you want without any limitations.

Here we discuss some benefits of choosing WordPress org.

  • WordPress is free, open-source software.
  • You have complete access to all site data with any customization
  • You can easily add new plugins, change themes and website design as you want
  • Use any tools easily like Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • You can generate some revenue by running ads on your site without sharing revenue
  • You create a self-hosted website. where you can easily create your online store and sell anything with secure payments methods
  • Also, you can deal your site membership with anyone or add some paid courses, community guidelines, etc

WordPress.org Cons

If you use WordPress org, then here are some cons for it. But from my point of view, these are not cons. These are the requirements of WordPress installation. Let’s discuss it.

  • It requires a web hosting plan with a domain name that costs about 10 to 15 dollars monthly.
  • You need to install WordPress. That’s quite a little bit difficult. But if you follow our guidelines, even if you are a beginner you can install it easily WordPress Installation.
  • You’re responsible for website security, updates, and backups. But thanks to those plugins who automate your work.

I explain all cons of using wordpress.org, but as I say, these are not cons. These are requirements for creating a website using WordPress. But I don’t know about your opinion, so leave your point of view about this in the comments, so other users take a look.


On the other hand, WordPress com is a hosting service. It provides hosting for a WordPress installation. WordPress.org co-founder Matt Mullenweg also runs the wordpress.com company.

Due to the same founder, some people were confused and stuck on choosing the best wordpress.com or wordpress.org for their website.

WordPress.com provides two hosting plans. One is a free plan with zero cost, and the other one is a pro plan with a 15$ monthly fee. The free program is some limitations, while the pro plan has complete access.

Check out wordpress.com both plans details with complete comparison by visiting WordPress official website link WordPress pricing plans.

Select a WordPress Plan to make wordpress website
Select a WordPress Plan to make a WordPress website

Let’s discuss some pros and cons of WordPress.com

WordPress.com Pros

We discuss the benefits you get if you use wordpress.com to create a website.

  • Provide a free plan with some limitations
  • WordPress installation has become so easy
  • Don’t worry about updates, backups, and security wordpress.com will take care of that (Pro Users)
  • No need to buy a domain with hosting wordpress.com will provide it
  • A custom email address with your domain will be provided (Pro Users)

WordPress.com Cons

Now I’m discussing some cons if you use wordpress.com. Remember, these are not cons. These are the features that wordpress.com will not provide if you use WordPress com’s free version.

  • You can’t install custom plugins and themes for your site
  • wordpress.com will provide a subdomain that includes wordpress.com at the end of your website name like: myadvise.wordpress.com
  • WordPress will run ads on your site. You can’t get revenue for these ads
  • You can’t run custom ads on your website
  • Your website shows a Powerd by link wordpress.com
  • WordPress delete your site any time if your break WordPress policies

If you purchase the pro version of WordPress com, all the discussed cons will become pros, and you will enjoy your website.

Which is better? WordPress org vs com

When to use WordPress.org? If you want a website for your business, online store, or website with complete control, then go with WordPress.org. It will provide all the features you want.

When to use WordPress.com? Because it will automatically manage all your work like WordPress installation, security, backups, etc. If you want a simple website for yourself or a blog, choosing WordPress.com is the best choice.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com FAQs

Is WordPress com or WordPress org better?

If you’re a beginner with zero knowledge and want a personal website or a simple blog, go with wordpress.com; otherwise, go with wordpress.org.

Why is WordPress com more secure than WordPress org?

WordPress com is more secure because it will take care of all security for your website and host your website on its server.

What is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org

Both platforms work similarly, but from my point of view, the key difference between them is where you host your website.


Confusion about choosing which is better? wordpress.org vs wordpress.com will come to a beginner’s mind due to a similar domain that’s quite painful.

Many more posts about this comparison are available on the internet. Everyone shares their own experience and thoughts. I hope the experience and review will help you choose the best platform for you.

The question that will come to your mind is which platform I’m using? The Answer is WordPress.org with Hostinger hosting plan.

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